I Will BUY YOU $500 of My Own Time So That You Can Experience Your Own

From the Desk of Seth Ellsworth
St. George, UT
July, 2015

Hey Entrepreneur,

Is your successful business stressing you out and you're not sure why or how to breakthrough? Do you know how to move your business and life forward but just can't get yourself to pull the trigger?

If you feel overwhelmed and overworked or underwhelmed and unfulfilled, read every word on this page. It's your chance to right the ship in a hurry.

You and I both know that if you don't figure it out, the personal consequences are ugly...

If your growing business has you personally stuck, stifled, stagnant, strung out and starved for "me" time or "family" time, I will spot you $500 to get on a call with me now.

I've Never Done
This Before

This little page is all about a new experiment I'm doing... all based on a hunch.

Thought you'd like to know about it because the instant breakthroughs that you'll get as a result will be on my own bill.

I am choosing to CHARGE MYSELF $500 just to get on the phone with you. Therefore, you get the benefit of my most closely guarded asset: my time

I have cleared my schedule and set aside some time for you and me to chat one-on-one over the phone with the specific intention to provide your very own near-Seth Experience on my own dime (aka. Instant Breakthrough).

You might be wondering why I’d do such a thing. That’s a fair question.

I can think of a dozen reasons, but the way I see it, there are only two reasons that matter:

1) I care about making a difference and serving first... until the lack of availability in my calendar says I can’t serve in this capacity any longer.

2) This is a way for me to get clients. Full transparency. I am looking for a “dream” client to work closely with, one-on-one, in order to make instant breakthroughs and momentum a reality for you on an ongoing basis. Consider this a blind date just for fun, no pressure.

My hunch is based on a crazy theory of mine…

If you’re happy with the results you achieve, on my dime, from just 15 minutes on the phone with me... then you’ll naturally wonder what’s really possible in your life and in your business if we were to work together more closely.

There’s the entire deal right there. A breakthrough served up for you. But will it produce ideal clients for my business? We shall see.

Here’s How This
Phone Call Thing Works

This is NOT a veiled sales pitch. Far from it.

You get me. For 15 minutes. On the phone. 100% dialed in to you with the express intention to change your life right now.

These calls are not to talk about me, or my transformational programs at all. Its all about you and moving your needle.

Then, by allowing me to serve you first, you'll be armed with a personal taste of what it’s like to step into my world so you’ll know clearly, on your own, whether you can handle a second helping or not.

No “sales pitch” needed. Results speak for themselves.

I will ask you TWO questions at the end of the phone call. Easy ones.

Taking the next step from there, is entirely up to you. You will get absolutely no pressure from me or anyone on my team.

I don’t work that way. If you want more it’s up to you to step up.

There is NO Catch,
But There Is THIS…

As you can imagine, I get a lot of interest from this offer. So I reserve the right to approve or disapprove applications.

Not everyone who applies will get approved. I’m just not able to do that.

This little experiment of mine is designed to get clients by serving first, but I can only take on so many clients at a time and my schedule is limited.

(Right now, there’s room for 3 more).

If you're already thinking that there might be room for you, check yourself. Behold...

Here’s Who I CAN Help
(and Who I Can’t)

I work almost exclusively with entrepreneurs and business owners.**

Why entrepreneurs?

Because I care about my own personal sanity and lifestyle (entrepreneurs are a blast to work with). AND I care that my time is spent serving those who I can be confident will get the highest absolute value out of one short phone call with me.

This offer is only open to entrepreneurs and business owners who…

1) Have the ability and willingness to accept challenge, get uncomfortable, take responsibility for the circumstances you find yourself in and commit to changing themselves.

2) Stand to lose drammatically if the current circumstances and conditions don’t change.

3) Stand to gain handsomely from an instant breakthrough.

If you don’t fit that criteria, then this isn’t for you. 

On top of that, if you can't handle SIMPLE and you care about boxes of stuff slammed on your doorstep that collect dust in your garage, or hours and hours of mindless coaching with no results, this isn't for you either.

My stuff is not easy, it's simple and fast with a sprinkle of guts. Just as it should be.

If you get what I'm saying and fit the mold, allow me to pour on the “stupid sauce” to make your choice to pass 15 minutes with me.

My "Bless them If It Doesn't"

There's no "money-back guarantee" for the offer, dude. Let's not be silly. I'm footing the $500 bill.

In fact, I don’t guarantee any specific result whatsoever… financial or otherwise.

What I do guarantee is this…

If I don’t change your world in some way on our short little call and you feel nothing or gain no value from our conversation…

Just let me know and I will send $500 to the charity of your choice in addition to billing myself for the time.

Only reason I make that guarantee is because I like sending money to charity and there is no possible way that you will not get $500 of value in a 15 minute call with me. Period. I guess that's two reasons.

What Can You Expect
on the Call?

Some people call it a breakthrough (realignment, mindset shift, growth, distinction, hack... whatever), but really I have no idea.

I don't know what it's like to be on the other end of the phone with me (how could I?)

If it were me, I'd choose to expect nothing. Why? Because I've never had one call that was exactly the same.

How about this... scroll to the bottom of this page and read how others have described their calls with me.

That should give you an idea.

Here’s What I Want
YOU To Do Next

Because of obvious time limitations, these calls are offered by approved application only. To get started, scroll down to the big box below and start filling out the application.

But first. STOP.

If you don’t already know in your gut that you want to do whatever is needed to get on a call, then don’t bother applying. It ain’t for you.

However, If “ instant breakthrough” sounds like the right prescription for you and the right timing, then enter your name and email below to get started.

Do it before someone else does (space and time is limited, obviously).

The application process is simple. It’s designed to give me the info I need to make the 15-minute instant breakthrough calls as valuable and as fast as possible. That's what you deserve.

Go. Fight. Win.


To claim your own Breakthrough Call, Reserve a time below and Answer the Application Questions

P.S. I’ve never done an offer like this publicly before. This is literally a test to see if you enjoy this format and if it attracts the proper client for me.

P.P.S. Why’d you scroll all the way down here? Maybe, just maybe… you might have an itchy doubt that says this instant breakthrough stuff isn’t possible for you…

If you want your own instant breakthrough pudding made with freshly squeezed personal proof of your own because the dozens of testimonials aren't enough, then by all means, I dare you to step up and chat with me.  Click here to get your application in now.

But hey… honestly, it feels incredibly silly to sit here typing these words that lay down the case as to why I am giving you the freedom to stick your fingers into my most precious space and use my time and talents on my own dime.

But of course, I recognize your time has extreme value as well… and I take the time to articulate the details because I do have a “hidden agenda.” (gasp)

Truth is, my ulterior motive isn’t hidden at all. I told you exactly what it was up above, but you probably scanned right to the bottom.

Get started by clicking here to fill out the application

**I reserve the right to speak with those whom I feel are in need. I am known to make exceptions (which is why I manually review each application)

"Seth is a deep deep thinker, and when the man speaks - I listen. He is wise beyond his years, knows how to create lasting change in people's lives (which I've seen first-hand) and anyone who has the opportunity to work with him - I highly recommend you jump at the opportunity"

Ryan Levesque#1 Best-Selling Author of the Book "Ask"

What Others Have Said About These Calls.
In Their Own Words.

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